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My Love From Another Land: The Ugandan-Nigerian Crossover We've Longed For
My Love From Another Land: The Ugandan-Nigerian Crossover We've Longed For
My Love From Another Land: The Ugandan-Nigerian Crossover We've Longed For

Imagine the tale of an American adopted in Nigeria who finds success in the Nigerian legal industry but decides to relocate to Uganda. While in Uganda, he falls in love with an Acholi woman and embarks on a journey through traditional cultural rituals and practices to marry her.

This is the narrative of Olushegun Achebe, affectionately known as Shegun, and it's brought to life in the upcoming movie "My Love from Another Land," directed by Kevin Johns Nabukenya. The film will hit cinemas on Valentine's Day in 2024 at Century Cinemax Acacia.

The story is inspired by the real-life experiences of a Nigerian-American couple, Pablo and Anu, who left the United States of America to make Uganda their home. Now, they work as farmers in Uganda and share their experiences living in this East African country on their YouTube channel, Familia Pablanu. (https://www.youtube.com/@familiapablanu). You can listen to their story and find out why they decided to relocate to Uganda here  

In the movie, as Shegun's relationship with his Acholi love deepens, they face numerous challenges from their diverse cultural backgrounds. Shegun, a Nigerian, immerses himself in Ugandan customs, constantly discovering and enjoying the cultural quirks he encounters. Despite these differences, their love remains unwavering as they tackle each obstacle together.

My Love from Another Land is a film that not only showcases the power of love but also explores the cultural diversity in the world. It portrays the transition from American humor to Nigerian culture, and most importantly, the intricacies of Ugandan life and marriage customs.

The movie is making history not only as the first Ugandan-Nigerian-American collaboration but also as a unique story. It delves into various themes close to people's hearts: romance, comedy, parent-child relationships, adoption, cultural clashes, and the challenges of dealing with stereotypes. This movie has something for everyone and promises to entertain you from start to finish. The producers of the film express their hope that it will leave a lasting impact, not only on the Ugandan cinema but also become a Pan-African classic, captivating viewers across the continent and around the world.

The concept for this story began as a simple phone camera idea by Anu and Pablo, intended for social media. It has now grown into a professional feature-length film destined for cinemas. Anu and Pablo take on the leading roles, serving as executive producers, storywriters, and screenwriters. They are a Nigerian-American couple who did, indeed, relocate to the Pearl of Africa to pursue a career in farming, leaving behind prestigious jobs and are currently residing in Uganda with their four children.

"My Love from Another Land" promises to be a heartwarming and culturally enriching cinematic experience, highlighting the power of love and the beauty of diversity.

By Martin Kabagambe

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