We seek to create the first-ever Eco-system of Ugandan Films, Talents, film production houses across the country and avail a platform on which Film lovers in the world can comment, review and share vital film communications across the larger spectrum.

To promote Uganda’s film industry and create new avenues for revenue for the filmmaking Fraternity.

To be the leading company promoting cinema and film in Uganda and across the globe. Mission Statement: We exist to promote, advertise and market Cinemas and films in Uganda to both local and international markets giving clients access to all new and old film trailers, enabling them to buy, comment, and review a given film in real-time improving the quality of work.

1. Integrity: Being honest, ethical, and maintaining consistency in actions and values. 2. Honesty: Being truthful and sincere in communication and interactions with our customers and others. 3. Respect: Treating others with dignity, regardless of differences in opinions, beliefs, or backgrounds. 4. Trustworthy. 5. Value-centricity. 6. Commitment to Customers.