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Off Shoot: A Collaborative Action Film from Uganda and Nigeria, Coming Soon.
Off Shoot: A Collaborative Action Film from Uganda and Nigeria, Coming Soon.
Off Shoot: A Collaborative Action Film from Uganda and Nigeria, Coming Soon.

Nigerian-produced action feature film 'Off Shoot' unveiled its inaugural trailer today, helmed by Ugandan director Steve T Ayeny, known for his work in 'Kony: Order from the Above.' Ayeny assembles a crew with Ugandan talents, including renowned cinematographer behind Ugandan hits like 'Tembele,' '24 Hours,' and 'Izaek Ekuka,' alongside first assistant director Achura E Fredrick.

The entire film was shot and produced in Nigeria, with Oluwatoyin Adewumi and Benjamin Abejide Adeniran taking the reins as producers.

The official Poster for the Off Shoot Film

The cast of 'Off Shoot' boasts notable figures such as Kehinde Bankole from 'Blood Sisters' and Kelechi Udegbe, whose recent film, 'Mami Wata,' earned the title of Best Film in Nigeria at the African Movie Academy Awards on October 29th. Another prominent actor in the ensemble is Ibrahim Suleiman, recognized for his role in the 2020 Bollywood-Nollywood crossover 'Namaste Wahala.'

The script for the film, originating from Oluwatoyin Adewumi's story, was written by Temitope Bolade Akin-Bode. Adewumi has a track record of producing successful films, including 'Strain' (2020), a Sickle Cell-themed movie currently available on Netflix. His 2021 release, 'Ayinla,' also saw significant success, premiering on Netflix on May 20th, 2022, and raking in N91.30 million naira at the Nollywood Box Office, equivalent to about 438,670,000 Ugandan shillings, securing a place in the top 15 on the overall 2021 box office chart. Adewumi's portfolio extends to 'Charmed' (2018) and more.

Following the triumph of 'Brotherhood,' a Nigerian film directed and filmed by Ugandan talent Loukman Ali, 'Off Shoot' takes a similar approach with a fresh narrative, aiming to replicate the earlier success. The film boasts a lineup of notable industry figures, including an esteemed executive producer, accomplished director, and skilled cinematographer, alongside accomplished actors. The prospect of this film achieving success seems quite promising, with hopes that it might find its way to major streaming platforms.

Ugandan creators have showcased their potential, as exemplified by Loukman's 'Brotherhood.' With 'Off Shoot' and several other films on the horizon, it's clear that collaborations are on the rise. This collaborative approach enables Ugandan filmmakers to leverage the exposure that the Nollywood industry enjoys, creating opportunities for future projects and broader recognition.

Watch the trailer here 

By Martin Kabagambe

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