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Event Details - CinemaUg (Film and Beyond)
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Jennifer and Jack really love each other, they have got a great life but they clearly have relationship issues. Bad communication and terrible tempers that makes them say hurtful things. They decide to slow down work life, get counseling and try to deepen their love for each other. But now discover that they don't really vibe all the time. Is this a issue big enough to break up or should they stay together and work it out? What is respect? What words are disrespectful? Come to the National theatre, Kampala and find out. Jennifer - Hellen Lukoma Jack - Fred Kalulanga Rehearsal manager - Ruth Nabushawo Sound - Richard Sserujongi Light - Leonard Okware Director - Fred Kalulanga Media Marketing - Christiano Okitwi Set design - Mufasa Theatre Producer - Mufasa Theatre

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