Service branding

Our Approach

We promote a specific service or set of services. The goal of service branding is to create a unique identity for the service and to differentiate it from competing services in the market


Understand Your Brand

Knowing the brand and what it stands for will help us and you make better decisions and promote the business / services. We will ask these questions • What are the brand’s core vision and values? • What’s the brand’s background story? Why did you create this service company? • What are the features of your services, and how are they different from competitors? • What problems do your services solve? • How do you want customers to feel when they hear your brand name?


Develop a Branding Strategy

After researching your service brand, audience, and competitors, analyze the data gathered and find a middle ground for your service branding strategy. We will come up with a strategy that will help us take action.


Design Brand Guidelines

Maintaining consistency is critical to building a strong service brand. Therefore, we will develop a brand guideline to direct you when creating marketing materials. • Brand values, voice, and personality. • Target audience. • The brand’s color palette. • The typeface and typography hierarchy, e.g., for headers and paragraphs. • The dos and don’ts of the logo, like the proper size, color, and placement. • The general brand visual style.