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Author : Gorret@cinemaug

2,Years ago

Movie lovers and supporters of the Ugandan film industry have something new to look out for come March 2020. It is the Premier of the new movie KEMI: The final Tragedy which is a narrative feature film of the genre: Drama. If you love drama, passionate about the struggles of African Mothers, KEMI got you served. 

The Ugandan made movie Kemi(2020) starring Aisha Kyomuhangi, Symon Base Kalema and Mutebi Farooq among others and produced by the multi-talented Aisha Kyomuhangi is based on the storyline of a woman that lost her husband at 6 months of her pregnancy and therefore forced out of the family house by the husband's relatives, resorting to staying at her mother's house in the village who also passes away few days before her delivery. Kemi is later forced to face the world hustle to survive with her baby which makes her realize she could lose the baby in the struggle of raising it,  so she decides to let it go but her motherly heart can't let her leave her baby in another person's hands.

It is set to premiere on Sunday 8th March 2020 4 pm- 10 pm at Country Cinema Mbarara, Located in Mbarara City, plot 28 along Kampala Road. At the building housing Centenary Bank, just next to Agip Motel, 256 Mbarara, the best event fit for women's day. The content for general viewing and therefore attending with your kids can give them a one-time lesson about women's day without you having to speak a lot to them. The Second Premiere will be in Kampala, place, and date still unknown. 

The right quality of the movie is expected, considering the efforts of different roles from production to the acting. With the best production team and cast, this is undebatable. Looking through this team we have; AISHA KYOMUHANGI (FAISHA PICTURES INTERNATIONAL) on production, KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR on co-production, CORNELIUS ONYANGO as the executive producer, KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR again as the Director, RACHEAL MAMBO as Director of Photography,  IMRAN MUSABBEH as Production Designer, KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR the editor, AISHA KYOMUHANGI and KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR doing the casting and finally TUMANYANE ANDREW as production manager and assistant director.

AISHA KYOMUHANGI and KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR came up with this pure African story of KEMI and it was also written by KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR and JOSEPHINE KABAHUMA for a screenplay. If you grew up listening to stories like ..........., KEMI brought them into Cinema to revive your childhood memories and lessons and those that did not, can share in the KEMI story. The story was accompanied by the right cast fitting in the shoes of their characters with perfection. 

Aisha Kyomuhangi is also known as lady Aisha will take on the lead role  KEMI the strong woman faced by challenges. Other characters to be looked out for are  Edson Keith Abitegeka as ABITEGEKA, Sarah Katumba acting as JOY, Modesta May as TUSIIME, MRS. ABITEGEKA role played by AllenMusumba, KeloyKemigisha as NATUKUNDA, CHAIRMAN with the best fit as Symon Base Kalema who never disappoints, Nakato Eva as the MAID, ODOI fitted in by Bobil Williams, Kabagenyi Beatrice as the OC,  Mutebi Farooq with the MATOVU character and NABUKENYA, YIGA, KASOZI, LUBEGA roles by Aisha Bulega,  Sylver Ssempala,  John Mary Makubuya, and  Elly Kiyaga respectively. All these were selected carefully and what would be a better way to tell a story than with the right casting.

Run time for the movie is 1hour and 26 minutes, reasonable time ( not too long or too short). It is originally acted in different Ugandan languages like Runyankole, Rutooro, Luganda, and English too but with English subtitles for those that cannot understand one or all the other local languages. 

This is one great movie to look out for in Cinema especially after getting all the relevant information about it. The great casting, production, storyline, and print are something you as a movie fan cannot afford to miss. KEMI is proof that the Ugandan film industry is growing with an educative and informational purpose.

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