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Why should an actor in Uganda have a website?

Why should an actor in Uganda have a website?

Author : jesca@cinemaug.com

3,Years ago

Why should an actor in Uganda have a website?

Bio purposes.
An actor or actress is able to execute all their credits on their pages, a website to them goes a long way if they could make it funny and fun to view which is even better. This takes their fans to actually realize that this actor or actress is real and human.

Promotions and behind the scenes photos.

An actor or actress posting headshots gets boring and this gives people a one-dimensional view of who they really are. Most times with a website, he or she is able to include promotional photos, press photos and behind the scenes shots of them on set. Realness is realized by funs in this case.

For Social Media Links.
Actors and actresses when developing a website should surely include links to their Twitter and Facebook fan pages. They use this strategy to make funs sign up for their email newsletter in case they have one, this helps communication directly to their fun base hence they should have a website.

For Business Email.
Since Actresses and actors may not easily be accessed, a website could be needed to be reached at all times. They can make a separate address for their personal life and the other for promoters and funs through which they could easily be reached.

Embedded Reels.
A website helps actors and actresses to make sure their reels are easy to find and use the YouTube player. For privacy, he or she can keep the video unlisted on YouTube so that people who stop by on the website can actually view it.

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