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What to do during this quarantine time as an actor?

What to do during this quarantine time as an actor?

Author : Gorret@cinemaug

About a year ago

Reading is one of the acts that cant be done during this time.

We all know we have a lockdown in almost every country in the world. Businesses are shut down, schools and for our major concern cinema too is down. There is nothing much going on in the world we think, just because we are staying home but do you know as an actor there is supposed to be much going on for you during this time you are staying home and unfortunately you might be blind to it.

 This is the time to add value to yourself by learning new skills, maintaining good health and appearance, getting more knowledge about the industry, and life among others. Cinema Ug is always here to help and we are going to be giving you tips on how to do this through our blogs here. 

As someone in acting business, there is a need to boost your knowledge, learn to fit in different emotions, and understand how to deal with fame among others and it is not a mistake that reading books is the best way to do this. Books with high emotional triggers of love, pain, anger, hope, depression or happiness help an actor dissolve in them and as one continues to read them day by day, changing between the emotional subject, it gets easier to fit in the emotions when acting them outcomes- one's acting looks more real this way which makes it better. 

Suggestions of such books are; Or pan train- Christina Baker, Atonement- Ian Mac Ewan, my sister's keeper- Jodi Picoult, Alex- Frank Deford, Faults in our stars- John Green,  It ends with us - Colleen and many others.

One can also read about health bodies for example, how to keep in shape. Since this is a camera business, looks are so much considered and there is a lot of literature about this. Skin, body shape, strength, and immunity. You can go through; If our bodies could talk -James Hamblin, In defense of food- Michael Pollan, Always Hungry? - David Ludwig, Herbal Medicine-Joseph Bosner, Dailyness-Tommy Angelo( for the brain), etc. Trust us, it will help.

How about reading and acting privately?
Ever read a book and there is that character that matches your personality? Well, we all do but how about you choose a character that is totally the opposite of you, one you have nothing in common, try acting that out till you feel perfect enough? This is easier with books that have famous movies made from them and it is better with those movies available for you. Read the book while acting out and then watch that part of the movie to see if you are good Examples of books that gave us good movies are; Twilight, Wizard of Oz, The host, Harry potter, Redemption, The Notebook among others.

Inspirational literature is also important for your actor. You have been going through a lot since you started this journey and the worst might have happened so near to quarantine time and to some, there is a feeling that ending it here might be the best thing to do and that is why you need that inspirational pushing to keep you on track. Reading about others going through whatever you are facing or even worse and coming out successful can be of big help.
Try these books for this matter, Awaken The Giant Within-Anthony Robbins, The Four Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How To Create A New You- Deepak Chopra, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff-Richard Carlson can do.
Finally, reading stories of famous actors especially those you want to be is the perfect thing to do at this time. You will learn more about how they did it and if their background affected their success.

For readers and those that are planning to start, we pray this helps you.

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